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QuiltWORKS Logistics

What Bright Hopes Provides

An experienced quilting instructor and the necessary volunteers for as many sessions are necessary for participants to complete the quilt. This is usually six sessions of one to two hours each, but can be adjusted according to the need of the participants. Sessions may be scheduled once a week, twice a week, or in whatever way is mutually agreeable.
All sewing machines and other necessary equipment, such as irons and rotary cutters.

What the Host Organization Provides

Up to eight participants for each workshop series.
A meeting place, such as a dining room, conference room, or classroom with tables, chairs, and electrical outlets.
A storage area for equipment and supplies for the duration of the workshop (if possible).
A staff member to serve as a contact person for the instructor.
Help with transportation to the fabric store if a field trip is acceptable.


Different groups require different materials. Bright Hopes works with each host organization to identify what’s needed.

Who Can Participate

Men, women, boys, and girls from ages eight and up who do not have a permanent home and are living in some type of shelter, temporary residence, or temporary group home.

A Note about Safety

Quilting requires some potentially dangerous tools. These include pins, needles, scissors, and rotary cutters (essentially a pizza cutter with a razor-sharp blade). For the safety of the instructors, volunteers, and other participants, please do not include as participants anyone who may be unstable due to behavioral or psychological issues.

  Our Director and Quilting Instructor

Deborah Fisher is the director and pattern designer for both the Bright Hopes Collaborative Quilt Project and Bo Twal, an international doll project. She is the author of:

Sew Fun: 20 Projects for the Whole Family (F+W 2013)

and: Quilt Giving: 19 Simple Quilt Patterns to Make and Give (F+W 2016).

Her charming and colorful designs have appeared in a variety of magazines. She has taught quilting workshops at the Bronx Lab School, Bronx High School of Computers and Technology, and the Brookfield Craft Center, and has worked with numerous local scout troop, shelters, and community organizations.